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    February 6, 2018

    How Blockchain Can Make Your AP/AR More Efficient:

    First off, many of you might may have heard the term “blockchain” before but are not 100% familiar with its structuring and functionality. Basically, blockchain is way of making data very secure for specific users involved. The backbone of any blockchain is cryptography which is a way of arranging information that requires a type of[...]

    January 9, 2018

    5 Habits That Can Help Defend Your Small Business From Fraud

    When it comes to fraud from employees, statistics have shown that:   Employees who commit fraud against their employer have never done so before Fraud is committed more often by employees that have a tenure of more than 5 years   Regarding fraud from outside of your company, the so called “CEO Fraud” is currently[...]

    December 14, 2017

    Costs and Risks of Check Payments

    According to this benchmarking survey of the Association for Financial Professionals, the median value for best estimated cost of issuing a check is $3.00. However, this does not factor in the time employees spend writing, mailing, collecting and reconciling the check (see this article in the WSJ). Furthermore, this doesn’t include the time and costs[...]

    November 26, 2017

    Why the Segregation of Duties Protects your Business from Internal Fraud

    Involving different people during the vendor setup, invoice approval and payment process is not only good business practice, but helps you to protect your business from fraud. According to this article of the Association of Government Accountants, 22% of all corporate fraud cases are happening in the Accounting Department, with an average loss of $180,000.[...]

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