I want to introduce you to PURE PAYMENTS from NetChain Squared. What is PURE PAYMENTS you ask? Well, it is the newest product offering from NetChain Squared, who provides the first truly automated platform for accounts payable and accounts receivable utilizing AI and machine learning technologies.


But wait, PURE PAYMENTS is different than our automated AP/AR platform. It was designed with SMB’s and other organizations in mind that might not be utilizing large scale AP/AR platforms. This initial roll-out is integrated with Quick Books Desktop and allows for payments to be sent straight through to the receiver with a simple two step sync to our “connector”. Connections to be utilized with NetSuite, Xero, Intact and others will be available soon.


Pure Payments works as an add on to your Quickbooks desktop system allowing you to continue with your familiar processes, but eliminates the end need for paper checks. Normally, clicking print after amending your line items in Quickbooks, takes you through the out of date manual process of printing checks.


The NetChain Squared Pure Payments module gives you the option to send payments straight through from within the system, or, send and email to the approver giving you full customization and control. If you wish to fast-track the payment process, it takes it a step further by giving you the ability to modify things like quantities, dates, physical distributions and other customizable features. Saving time, money, and minimizing errors is the main goal of Pure Payments!


Other Features Include:

– Get up and running in 5 min or less

– Self onboarding removes need for implementation calls/training

– No I.T. integration required

– Eliminates need to toggle between multiple systems like your banking portal and QuickBooks

– Eliminates need for third parties to acquire your business banking details

– Optional payment approval flow to help you better manage your cash flow

– Provides necessary remittance data to your vendor

– No need to collect vendor bank details (we take care of that) which eliminates data security and compliance overhead


You can start using Pure Payments right away without any calls or IT help HERE, simply accept the terms and conditions and start using!

If you would like to know more about Pure Payments please visit our dedicated landing page HERE or fill out the brief form below to connect with a member of our team!