Going green has become one of the largest global initiatives in recent years, embedding its message in international news, social media, corporate identities and more. There have been many arguments on both sides of the climate change debate but when you look at the numbers within our industry alone, it is hard to deny that an immediate change is needed.


Let’s look at the numbers. Each year, businesses across the world generate a total of around 170 Billion invoices to other businesses. Three pages in an average invoice equates to 432 Billion sheets of paper a year for paper invoicing services alone. Many people just see those numbers and brush it off. Paper has been and will continue to be a part of our everyday life.


Let’s look at this from another angle. On average, 1 tree produces around 8,500 sheets of paper. That means, roughly 51 Million trees are used for paper invoicing services each year! Want to go one step further? Processing 1 tree into 8,500 sheets of paper releases 110 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere. On the other end, each tree absorbs around 48 lbs of CO2 annually. Based on what we learned earlier, processing those 51 Million trees contributes to 4 Million tons of additional CO2 being released into the atmosphere on a yearly basis. This number is a combination of about 1.2 Million tons of CO2 not being absorbed from processed trees and about 2.8 Million tons of CO2 released from the processing procedures.


Where is a good place to start contributing to change? Consider this, if you are able to change to electronic invoicing platforms like ours and reduce paper invoices to even 50% of the amount used today we can ….


  • Save 21,000,000 trees annually
  • Reduce CO2 in the atmosphere by 1.6 million tons a year (the same amount produced by 276,500 automobiles)
  • Eliminate fraud and human errors
  • Reduce the price per invoice by 93.8%


NetChain2 prides ourselves on eliminating the need for traditional paper invoicing through true automation technology. The platform utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence throughout different steps within the invoice processing procedures. If you want to contribute to change but don’t know how, we would love to lead the way!


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