Transactions As A Service or (TAASTM)(pending) is a phrase coined by the Netchain Squared team that refers to an internal business software structure that helps explain what separates NetChain Squared from competitors.


In its most basic form, (TAASTM)(pending) describes a business model and fee structure associated with serviced-based software. However, at a deeper level, it paints a picture of the shifts off of the more traditional transaction based technology payment models. (TAASTM)(pending) is the idea that software aimed at processing business transactions should be viewed, and therefor billed in line with service-based organizations.


What does this mean?


For as long as we can remember, software has been licensed with a cost locked and stand alone product that is often handed over without much direction or guidance. At NetChain Squared, we see our software as a bi-product of service. We feel that the costs of software should have the ability to be broken up and organized depending on the specific needs of a company or industry. This creates more flexibility for use and availability for the organization to utilize. Allowing the software to fit to the organization’s needs rather than forcing the organization to adapt to fit the software allows us to align much closer with a service-based organization as well as our client’s interests.


Currently, most software is based off of subscription models that do not do nearly enough to account for the fluctuations in volumes and other variables vs. one that has a goal of aligning business interests. An example of this disconnect would be the large fluctuations seen during Q4 for ecommerce based businesses. NetChain Squared utilizes software to process transactions from A to Z by soley charging in line with the number of transactions, aligning clients with their specific business needs. Our software expands and contracts with your business allowing for the most optimal AP/AR cost savings available.


Transactions are defined as a service that allows for compatibility with all business types and models. Whether you are maintaining a consistent baseline of performance throughout the year or dealing with ever changing fluctuations in your market, NetChain Squared works with you to provide what you need when you need it.

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